Quoting Service Agreement (SA)

This document explains how you create, send and monitor a service agreement quotation.


A quotation that specifies the price and scope of the agreement is created. The quotation is monitored in 'Service Agrmt Quotation. Open Info' (SAS250). Depending on whether the customer accepts or rejects the quotation, the final result is:


The quotation specifies in detail the scope and price of the service agreement and forms the basis for the customer's decision to accept or reject the service agreement.

If the customer:

How the System Is Affected

The service agreement quotation updates the file for Quotation order header (SOQOUH).

Besides the quotation order header file, the same files are changed as when a general service agreement is registered. See Processing Service Agreement.

Before you start

The starting conditions listed in Processing Service Agreement must be met.

Follow These Steps


Activity Description

  1. Entering Quotation

    The service agreement quotation can either be created from scratch or by copying an existing service agreement or agreement quotation. This is done in 'Service Agrmt. Open' (SAS100).

    Print the service agreement quotation in 'Service Agrmt Quotation. Print' (SAS260).

  2. Monitoring Quotation

    You can monitor the service agreement quotation during the customer's time of consideration in 'Service Agrmt Quotation. Open Info' (SAS250). If the customer decides to reject the quotation, the reason for the rejection is also entered here.

  3. Convert Quotation to a Valid Service Agreement

    Once the quotation is accepted, you convert it to a valid service agreement in 'Service Agrmt. Open' (SAS100/C). During the conversion the service agreement type is changed from a quotation to a valid agreement type, and an individual item is connected to the agreement.

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