Update Periodic Accounting and Display Invoiced Amounts for Period Accounting

This document explains how you allocate revenues to periods that correspond to the costs they cause.


The revenue for the period is updated and revenues that are intended for periodic accounting are displayed and can be reviewed.

A lump sum for each invoice period, that includes the revenue on agreements with periodic accounting, is entered in an account connected to accounting event SO21 = Periodic accounting.

When periodic accounting is run, the period's amount is moved from the SO21 account to SO20 = Accounting event.

Customer payments in advance or arrears are distributed over the period of time they originate from. This means that actual revenues are linked to actual costs in the accounting system.

Periodic accounting updates the following files:

Before you start

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Period Accounting. Perform' (SAS160).

  2. Select 'Period Accounting. Perform' (SAS160/E).

  3. Enter the period you want to update the revenue for in the Period field. The balance account will be debited and the revenue account will be credited.

    Display periodic accounting lines

  4. Select 'Accounting Table. Open' (SAS170/B). The lines on the B panel indicate the periodic amount and start/end of the period.

  5. Select one of the lines in the period accounting table. Press Enter to display the E panel where details about the source and receiving account are displayed.

  6. Press Enter to display the F panel where the periodic amounts for all periods are displayed.

  7. Press Enter to return to the B panel and then press F3=Finish.

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(SAS160/E) Period

…the time period for which the revenues are to be period-accounted.

The period is entered as YYPP.


9901 is period 01 according to the period table year 1999.

(SAS160/E) Proposal/update

… whether the proposal should directly update the system when generated.

The valid alternatives are:

0 = No

1 = Yes

(SAS160/E) Compress FAM transaction

…whether the accounting transactions are to be compressed before transfer to the M3 financial system.

The valid alternatives are:

0 = No, accounting transactions are not compressed

1 = Yes, accounting transactions are compressed before transfer to the M3 financial system

(SAS160/E) Report text …an optional text to be used as a header for the periodic accounting transaction.
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