Entering Discount Model

This document explains how you create a discount model that regulates which discount will be given for a certain service order line.

You use the discount model during service order registration to automatically enter a discount for a specific customer, amount or item.


A discount model has been created with discount numbers defining the:

The discount model is used to automatically assign a discount during service order line registration.

The creation of a discount model updates the following files:

Before You Start

A control field must exist in 'Field Group. Display Permitted Fields' (CRS109).

Follow These Steps

  1. Enter discount model

    Enter the discount model with the discount numbers. The discount model functions like a header and is comprised of up to six discount numbers.

    The diagram below illustrates the structure of the discount model.

    You enter the discount model in 'Discount Model. Open' (SOS800).

  2. Define discount number

    Enter the discount numbers that regulate the allocation of discounts for items entered on a service order line.

    The definition of discount numbers includes:

    • General settings for a discount number that regulates whether the discount:
      • Is processed as an amount or percentage
      • Can be changed.
    • The discount scales base where basic unit/measure and limit values are entered.
    • The discount relations where the relation between the different discounts is stated. When there is more than one valid discount the discount relation determines which discount will be used.

    You enter the discount numbers in 'Discount Model. Connect Discount Numbers' (SOS805) and the discount scale in 'Discount Model. Update Discount Matrix' (SOS811).

  3. Enter control fields and start values

    Enter control fields and start values to regulate when a discount will be given and the amount.

    The control field is the general search criteria and refers to a field or data element from a specific file. It is used to create keys or search paths for the user-defined discount table. The order in which the control fields are entered determines the order in which the discounts are checked against the service order line.

    The start value is a specific value within the control field and indicates the value the service order must match to allow a discount.

  4. Enter discount scales

    Enter a discount scale for each combination of priorities and start values. The scale contains the different discounts given for different limit values.

    Discount scales are entered in 'Discount Model. Update Discount Matrix' (SOS811).

Discount model structure
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