Update Price List for Items

This document explains how you update prices on contract items and service expenses in the customer-specific price list.


After using this procedure new prices are calculated and the price list for items is updated.

This function is used when the price list for items should be updated and replaced.

Before you start

A price list must exist in 'Service Price List. Open' (SOS017).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Sales Price List. Update' (SOS026).

  2. Select one of the four alternatives for mass update, in the 'Function select' field on the E panel.

  3. Select an existing price list as a template for the new price list.

  4. Select a customer-specific price list in the right-hand 'Price list' field.

  5. Specify from where the base for the sales price is to be calculated in the 'Calculation base' field

    The valid alternatives are:

    • Sales price
    • Purchase price
    • Inventory cost
    • Basic price.
  6. Select 'Costing type,' enter costing date and select facility.

  7. Enter discount or price increase in percent for the customer in the 'Change factor' field.

    In the case of a discount, the percentage should be followed by minus sign since it is a reduction of the price.

    Note: The unit for the change factor is in percent, so a change factor of 15 percent is entered as 15 and not 0.15.
  8. Specify whether the prices in the price list allow other discounts in the 'Net price used' field.

  9. Press Enter to display to the F panel.

  10. Enter selection criteria in one or more of the following six upper fields for the items to be updated in the price list:

    • Item number
    • Item group
    • Product group
    • Item type
    • Supplier number
    • Customer number

    The following fields are optional and used for specific changes in the price list:

    • Currency
    • CurrencyStatus
    • Make/buy code
    • Responsible
    • Bonus group
    • Commis group.
  11. Press Enter to create the price list records and F3 to end.

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(SOS026/E) Function select

… the type of mass update to be done.

The valid alternatives are:

1 = Create new records in a price list

2 = Change prices of current records in a price list

3 = Delete records in a price list

4 = Change prices in item file based on a current price list.

(SOS026/E) Price list … the ID of a sales price list.
(SOS026/E) Currency.

… the currency of the price list.

The currency code helps identify a price list and controls the currency of the price list.

(SOS026/E) Customer number … the unique identification of a customer.
(SOS026/E) Valid from …the date from which this record is valid.
(SOS026/E) Calculation base

… the base on which the sales price should be calculated.

The valid alternatives are:

1 = Sales price according to item file

2 = Purchase price according to item file

3 = Inventory cost according to selected costing type and date

4 = Basic price according to another specified sales price list.

(SOS026/E) Costing type

… different types of product costing.

Nine costing types (1-9) can be defined in (PCS005). Costing rates and mark ups are specified for each costing type and date.

(SOS026/E) Costing date … the date when a product costing or calculated cost, such as hourly wages, becomes effective.
(SOS026/E) Facility

… a geographic area for the company's organization.

A facility always belongs to a division, which in turn belongs to a company. A facility can contain one or more warehouses.

A user is always connected to a preselected facility.

(SOS026/E) Change factor

… a factor as a percentage, by which the selected calculation base is multiplied.

The change factor may be negative.

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