Create Meter Reporting Round for Individual Items

This instruction explains how to create and print meter value reports for a group of meters with the same search criteria.


A reporting round list is created with blank fields for every meter that meets the search criteria and is configured for meter invoicing.

The following files are updated when the meter is changed:

The printed reporting round list is used by the technician:

Before you start

An individual item with a valid service agreement with meter invoicing must exist in 'Service Agrmt. Open Lines' (SAS120).

Follow These Steps

  1. Start 'Meter. Open Reporting Round' (SOS330/B).

  2. Enter an identity for the reporting round or leave the field blank.

    If the field is left blank, a reporting round number will be assigned automatically.

    Notice that the field may be manually entered or defined by the number series 46 in the program 'Number Series. Open' (CRS165).

  3. Select "New" to go to the E panel.

  4. Enter a text that describes the meter reporting round in the Name field.

  5. Select who will be responsible for the meter readings during field service in the 'Meter entry source' field.

    The value entered in this field will be defaulted to the reporting details for the request.

  6. Enter the maximum number of individual items to be included in the reporting round in the 'Desired number of reporting lines' field.

    This may mean that not all qualified individual items are included in the round. In this case, more rounds may be created with the same selection criteria.

  7. Select whether previous meter values are to be displayed and printed on the reporting round printout.

    The valid alternatives are:

    0 = No

    1 = Yes, print previous meter values.

  8. Check and if necessary change the date that is planned for the meter value reporting

    The value entered in this field will be defaulted to the reporting details for the request.

  9. Press Enter to save this reporting round version and to return to the B panel.

    Select individual items for meter reporting

  10. Select option 11= Create request lines to specify individual items for the meter reporting round in the F panel.

  11. Enter selection criteria for the individual items in one or more of the following fields:

    • Next order date
    • Last reading date
    • Facility
    • Agreement number
    • Customer site
    • Address number
    • Owner
    • Contract item
    • Item number
    • Individual item number
    • Service manager
    • Technician
    • Customer group.
  12. Enter a sorting order for the selection criteria and page break to be used during printing in the 'Sorting order' and 'Page break' fields.

    A sorting order must be entered if more than one selection criterion is entered. A page break on the printout is only used together with a sorting order.

  13. Press Enter to go to the G panel where you enter more selection criteria in one or more of the following fields:

    • Agreement order type
    • Agreement type
    • Account
    • Accounting dimension 2.
  14. Press Enter to print the document.

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