Start Meter Reading for an Individual Item

This document explains how you start meter readings on a service or rental object with meter invoicing.


The initial meter readings are used

The following files are updated when the meter is changed

Before you start

An item must be configured for meter readings in 'Item. Open Service Supplement' (SOS001)

Follow These Steps

  1. Open 'Meter Event. Report Readings' (SOS335/B1).

  2. Select the individual item in the list.

  3. Use option 11=Start meter in front of the item to start a new meter and get to the E panel.

  4. Enter the meter readings in the Reading meter actual value field

  5. Select who has started the meter in the meter entry source fields.

  6. Examine and change if necessary the information in the fields:

    • Event date
    • Responsible
    • Text
    • Event time
  7. Press Enter to start meter

    The changed status of the meter can be examined in 'Meter. Display/Update History' (SOS340)

Parameters to Set

Program ID/Panel Field The field indicates …
(SOS335/B) Individual item number …the identity of the machine covered by the service agreement
(SOS335/E) Event date. … the date when the meter was exchanged.
(SOS335/E) Responsible

…the user ID of the person who is responsible for the meter readings.

The ID can be used for selection and sorting.

(SOS335/E) Text …an optional text about the event (30 positions in length).
(SOS335/E) Meter entry source

…the source of the entry of the meter values and events.

Examples of the source of the entry of the meter values are:






(SOS335/E) Event time …the time when the meter reading took place.
(SOS335/E) Reading value - actual meter (1-6) ... the actual meter values for meter 1-6 for the Individual item.
(SOS335/E) Previous meter (1-6) value ... the previously reported actual, invoice or total meter values for the individual item.
(SOS335/E) Credits – actual meter (1-6) ... the actual meter 1-6 credits for the individual item.
(SOS335/E) Free units – actual meter (1-6) ... the actual meter 1-6 free units for the individual item.
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