Priority Order for Allocation of Service Technician

This document explains how M3 BE selects a service technician for a service assignment.


Since service technicians can be entered on several levels in M3 BE, there can be several valid technicians for the same service assignment. Thus, the priority order for the allocation of service technicians is applied automatically during service order entry.

The priority order for service technicians follows the table below in which the first valid service technician is allocated to the service assignment.


The search order for a valid service technician to be allocated to a service assignment is displayed below, starting with the level/program to be checked first:

Search order/ Priority order Level/Program in Service & Rental where the service technician is entered

The service order header in 'Service Order. Open' (SOS100/I)

2 The individual item in 'Individual Item. Open' (SOS419/F)
3 The service agreement line in 'Service Agrmt. Open Lines' (SAS120/I)
4 The customer location on the service agreement in 'Service Agrmt. Connect Customer Site' (SAS110/E)
5 The customer's address information in 'Customer Site. Display Addresses' (SOS106/G)
6 The customer for the service order in 'Customer. Enter Service Order Info' (CRS611)

If no technician is found, automatic allocation is used as defined in 'Settings. Auto Technician Allocation' (SOS975).

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