Customer Order Entry Message Overview

An order entry message is a message displayed on-screen during customer order entry. The purpose of using order entry messages is to display relevant messages when the user enters customer orders.


A message is displayed when entering a new customer order in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100) if the entered order matches the display criteria for a message. These messages can be an information about a customer financial status, activities, campaign, investigations, reminders, etc.

Customer order entry messages are only used to display information; this information is in no way related to any financial component in the system and it is possible that the message information is outdated. The messages do not affect any data in M3 BE.

Follow these steps

  1. Define customer order entry message

    Customer order entry messages are entered in 'CO Entry Message. Open' (OIS165). A customer order message is entered, and the criteria for its display is specified. The display criteria are the selection identities that regulate when the message is displayed. This can be for a specific customer, or all customers in a business chain or customer order category. For example, when the criteria is a business chain, the message is displayed for every customer that belongs to that chain.

  2. Manage customer order entry message

    When entering a new customer order on 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100/A), the order message is displayed on screen if parameters are set up correctly. It is possible to choose not to display recurring messages. If there is more than one message available, the one with the highest priority is displayed first where 9 is the highest priority and 1 the lowest priority.


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