Handling Petty Cash in Cash Desk

This document explains how to control the cash desks that are allowed to handle petty cash withdrawals in 'Cash Desk. Open' (OIS210) and to conduct the petty cash transaction in 'Cash Payment. Open' (OIS215).


Companies using cash desks require an easy way to manage petty cash withdrawals in the cash desk in order to handle smaller, unplanned expenses.

Before you start

The 'Allow petty cash' setting in (OIS210/E) must be selected.

Follow these steps

  1. Open (OIS215), and select F19='Petty Cash'.

  2. Specify the required information in the pop-up window. Press OK.

  3. The transaction is displayed in the subfile in (OIS215/B).

  4. Select F14='Validate payment' to validate the transaction.

  5. The transactions can be viewed in 'Cash Payment. Display' (OIS219) and in 'Cash Desk. Validate' (OIS217/B) for the cash desk.

  6. Validate the cash desk in (OIS217). If 'Transfer to FIM' is enabled in (OIS210/F), the transactions automatically update financials; otherwise, 'Cash Desk. Transfer to FIM' (OIS218) must be run.

Workflow for petty cash

A setting that controls whether a cash desk may handle petty cash is available in (OIS210/E) named 'Allow petty cash'.

A pop-up window is accessible using F19='Petty cash' in (OIS215). It contains the following fields:

The 'Purpose' field is accessible with accounting options available in 'AR Accounting Option. Open' (ARS020). The account selected here will be used when accounting for the petty cash withdrawal.

The information in the pop-up windows will be shown in the subfile in OIS215/B. Use F14='Validate Payment'.

'Cash Desk. Validate' (OIS217) is used to validate the cash desk. The account connected to the cash desk in 'Bank account ID' in (OIS210/F) is credited and the account connected to the selected 'Purpose' in the pop-up window is debited.

If 'Transfer to FIM' is enabled in (OIS210/F), the transaction automatically updates financials when the cash desk is validated; otherwise, 'Cash Desk. Transfer to FIM' (OIS218) must be run. You can then view the transaction in 'Cash Payment. Display' (OIS219).

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