Transaction Type - Statistics


Transaction types are used to classify demand based on its source. The first numeral in the transaction type indicates the source, that is the order category. The second numeral indicates the kind of event that triggers the statistics, for example order entry, lost sales, invoicing and budgeting.

The valid transaction types are:

Customer Order

Transaction type Definition
30 Delivered not invoiced statistics
31 Order entry statistics
32 Sales statistics
33 Sales budget
34 Calculated sales forecast
35 Lost sales
39 Calculated base forecast

Service Order

Transaction type Definition
70 Delivered not invoiced statistics
72 Sales statistics

Maintenance Customer Order

Transaction type Definition
73 Sales statistics

Project Order

Transaction type Definition
81 Order entry statistics
82 Sales statistics


Transaction types are used to control how data is created in datasets. They are entered in 'Dataset Transaction Type. Open' (OSS405). Transaction types for datasets are entered are entered in 'Dataset. Connect Dataset Trans Types' (OSS406).