Percentage - Bonus/Commission

A percentage for bonus/commission is entered in a table containing a scale of percentages and corresponding limits for generating values. Dynamic advances and final settlements use the table of bonus/commission percentages to calculate bonus/commission.

If a dynamic advance method is used, the percentage is retrieved according to the generating value reached. Therefore, the percentage used to calculate bonus/commission can vary depending on the generating value reached during a certain period.

The percentages are entered in ‘Bonus/Comm Agreement. Enter Rates’ (OIS413). This program is accessed by using option 12=B/C rates in ‘Bonus/Comm Agreements. Open’ (OIS412).


Here is an example of a bonus/commission table. The limit values are based on the generating value Net Weight.

Net Weight B/C Percentage
100 2.00
200 5.00
500 7.00

When the accumulated net weight for the agreement period is lower than 100, no bonus/commission is offered. An accumulated net weight of 100-199 gives a 2% bonus/commission; from 200 to 499 gives 5%, and from 500 and up the recipient gets 7% bonus/commission.

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