Price List

A price list is used to automatically calculate and price entered items. Each price list has a unique identity which is made up of a combination of price list code, currency, and validity date. Price lists are defined in 'Sales Price List. Open' (OIS017).

To calculate sales prices in a price list, the price list is connected to a costing model, which regulates the calculation base from which the price list's sales price is calculated. Examples of calculation bases are: sales price according to item file, basic price according to another sales price list.

Costing element lines are then connected to the costing model. These regulate how the calculation base is calculated using markups and markdowns in order to arrive at the price list's basic price.

Since the final sales price of an item can depend on factors such as ordered quantity or total weight, order-dependent elements can be used instead. This means that the final sales price is only calculated after an order line is entered.

Costing models are entered in 'Sales Costing Model. Open' (OIS022). The costing model's element lines are entered in 'Sales Costing Model. Open Lines' (OIS023), which is accessed from (OIS022) via option 11.

Working with price lists is simplified since the price list id is made up of a combination of price list code, currency and validity date. For example, price lists can be defined for a future date by entering them with different sales prices for different time periods.

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