Generating Value

Generating values are used to obtain the correct percentage to be calculated on the paying amount for dynamic advances. They are also used when settling bonus/commission.

Generating values are updated for each combination of bonus/commission (b/c) agreement and recipient.

The b/c percentage is entered in a table containing an ascending scale of generating values. Each limit value corresponds to a percentage. The bonus/commission is calculated on the paying amount, using the percentage corresponding to the generating value reached. See the example below.

The generating value can be expressed as a:

The generating value and recipient are updated either during invoicing or during a separate update. The time of the update is determined in ‘Settings - Customer Order Invoicing’ (CRS722).

The files that determine whether or not an order line can affect the generating value are listed below. The list is not hierarchical.

In each file, one of the following values is specified:

0 The order line does not affect any b/c agreements.

1 The order line is generating, meaning that it affects the b/c agreement’s generating value.

2 The order line is generating and paying, meaning that it affects the b/c agreement’s generating value and paying amount.

The file with the lowest value controls how an order line will affect bonus/commission. However, it can be changed by the user.

A paying order line is also always a generating one.

Note: These values are set separately for bonus and commission. Therefore, an item can only be generating for agreement type 9 (bonus agreement), and paying for agreement types 1-8 (commission agreement).


If the customer order type has 0 entered for bonus, then all customer orders using this order type will be assigned a default value of 0, even if 2 is entered for the item in the item file.

A bonus/commission table can be structured as shown below. The limit values are based on the generating value Net Weight.

Net Weight B/C Percentage
100 2.00
200 5.00
500 7.00

When the accumulated net weight for the agreement period is lower than 100, no bonus/commission is offered. An accumulated net weight of 100-199 gives a 2% bonus/commission; from 200 to 499 gives 5%, and from 500 and up the recipient gets 7% bonus/commission.

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