Paying Amount

Paying amounts are used in M3 routines for bonus/commission.

They are updated for each combination of bonus/commission agreement (b/c agreement) and recipient.

The paying amount can be expressed as a:

Paying amounts are used as the basis for calculating bonus/commission according to the b/c agreement's percentage for the value reached. The calculation is made for advances and final settlements.

The paying amount and recipient are updated either during invoicing or during a separate update. The time of the update is determined in 'Settings - Customer Order Invoicing' (CRS722).

The files that determine whether or not an order line can affect the paying amount are listed below. The list is not hierarchical.

In each file, one of the following values is specified:

The file with the lowest value controls how an order line will affect bonus/commission. However, it can be changed by the user.

Note that the above values are set separately for bonus and commission. Therefore, an item can only be generating for agreement type 9 (bonus agreement), and paying for agreement types 1-8 (commission agreement).

Finally, a paying order line is also always a generating one.


If the customer order type has 0 entered for bonus, then all customer orders using this order type will be assigned a default value of 0, even if 2 is entered for the item in the item file.

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