Document Group

A document group is an identity used to connect a set of customer order documents to each combination of customer and customer order types. Customers are connected to a document group in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610).

The documents in a document group are connected to a customer order by the customer order type used during customer order entry. See 'CO Type. Connect Documents' (OIS011).

Assume a company has two document groups, one for domestic customers, USA, and one for foreign customers, EXP.

The company has a customer order type with identity NOR = Normal stock order. The information shown in the table should be specified for this customer order type:

Document group Document Description
USA 231 Order confirmation
USA 380 Invoice
EXP 231 Order confirmation
EXP 270 Packing list
EXP 325 Pro forma invoice
EXP 380 Invoice