Line Type

A line type is used to determine how a purchase order is created when entering a customer order line, or how it is created internally by M3 for other purposes.

The table below contains the line types available for a customer order.

Line Type Definition
0 Normal order line. Does not create purchase order.
1 An order line that creates a purchase order. Delivery to the customer is made from the supplier via our warehouse.
2 A purchase order is created for the order line with delivery address according to the customer order. The delivery is made directly from the supplier to the customer.
3 The order line has been created via a discount in kind and is processed from the line that resulted in the discount. This line type is assigned automatically and cannot be changed.
4 Kit item. Both the main line and included lines are automatically assigned this line type. It can also be entered manually.

A line type is specified in 'CO Type. Open' (OIS010), and it is proposed by default when the customer order type is used during customer order entry.

The order type can also determine whether or not only one line type is allowed to be used during order entry.

The use of the supply model in 'Supply Model. Open' (MMS056) is an alternative way of controlling the proposed line type.