Business Chain

A business chain is a specific ID for a business partner representing a group of customers. In many situations, the business chain and customers included in it are processed the same way. The chain is made up of customers connected to one another on different levels such as the parent company and its subsidiaries.

A business chain is used to connect the group of customers to common business terms, such as a bonus agreement and discounts, as well as other conditions, such as a common invoice address and payer.

A condition that is connected to one level can also apply to the lower levels. When a condition is connected to the highest level, then it applies to all members of the group. A condition connected to level 2 applies to levels 3 and 4.

During customer order entry for a member of a business chain, common information for the chain is entered by default in the order header. However, a business chain check must be activated in program 'CO Type. Open' (OIS010/F).

A business chain can contain a maximum of four levels. Several business chains can also be connected to an umbrella organization represented by one business partner at the highest level. Again, this is limited to four levels.

Every business chain must be registered as a customer in the customer file regardless of level.

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