A dataset is a user-defined entity. Selection for content and sorting may be set to limit the size of the dataset and facilitate reporting and input.


Datasets are used to accumulate budget and statistical data from:

Datasets contain key field and Accumulator Field that can be used for reporting. Defined datasets with key fields and accumulator fields form the framework for budget and reporting capabilities and can be used in forecasting and demand planning.

The information in the dataset can be accessed through the M3 report generator, general query routines, M3 Demand Planner and Supply Chain Planner or ODBC connections such as Microsoft Excel.

Datasets are entered in program 'Dataset. Open' (OSS401).


The table below shows how a dataset can be structured using keys and fields.

Type Field Description Forecast
Key UCCUCL Customer group  
Key UCCUNO Customer number  
Key UCITGR Item group  
Acc. UCIVQT Invoiced quantity in basic U/M  
Acc. UCSAAM Invoiced amount in local currency Yes
Acc. UCUCOS Cost of goods sold Yes
Acc. UCFULL No. of deliveries on time and with correct quantity  
Acc. UCTDEL Number of deliveries  

This dataset can be used for budgets and statistics per customer group, customer, and item group.

The accumulator fields contain the information needed to calculate turnover, contribution margin, and contribution margin ratio, as well as the service level for all key levels in the dataset.

By forecasting the accumulator fields Invoiced amount and Cost of goods sold, it is possible to display estimated results for the year-end, for example.