Recipient - Bonus/Commission

A recipient is the person receiving a bonus or commission for the customer order lines covered by a bonus/commission (b/c) agreement.

Customer order lines in an invoice can affect several b/c agreements with different recipients, but only one recipient per b/c agreement. This is because it is the customer or specified recipient of the customer order who determines the recipient per b/c agreement.

The recipient in the b/c agreement is retrieved in this sequence:

If there is no recipient specified in the above hierarchy for agreement types 1-8 (commission agreements), the customer order is excluded from all b/c agreements even though one or more order lines are generating and/or paying.

A recipient must always be entered in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610) in order to receive any credits for advances or final settlements. The salesperson code must also be entered as a customer number in the customer file in order to receive commission.