Payer - Customer Order

A payer is the customer invoiced for a customer order, though not necessarily the entity ordering. The payer must always be registered as a customer in the customer file. When anyone other than the ordering customer is the payer for the customer order, the payer's customer number is entered in the 'Payer' field in the customer order header.

A payer is always entered by default during customer order entry. The payer is retrieved from the ordering customer, but can be changed. The ordering customer is also invoiced when the 'Payer' field is left blank. A credit check is made against the credit limits of the payer only.

Every customer can be defined as either ordering and paying customer, or paying customer only. This is done in the 'Customer type' field in 'Customer. Open' (CRS610). A customer can be the payer for one or more ordering customers or orders.