Calculate Budget Distribution Percentages

This procedure is used to calculate the percentages used to distribute budget values from one budget level in a dataset to a lower level.

The status of the budget distribution template is raised from 10 (preliminary) to 20 (active) after using this procedure.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Select program 'Sales Budget Distr Template. Open' (OSS422), which can also be accessed using option 22=Distr templ in 'Sales Budget. Open' (OSS420).

  2. Specify option 20=Crt percentages for the appropriate budget distribution template. 'Sales Budget Distr Percentage. Generate' (OSS930) is called.

  3. Press Enter to start the calculation.

  4. Press Enter to confirm the start of the job.

The percentages calculated using this procedure can be checked and/or changed. See Enter Budget Distribution Percentages.

When the percentages are approved, they can be used to distribute budget values. See Distribute Budget Values.

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