Create Sales Budget Version

This procedure is used to create and activate sales budget versions so budget values can be entered.

A budget version is a subordinate ID to a Dataset and is therefore a version of the dataset. A dataset can have more than one budget version.

Before you start

Dataset must be defined with Transaction Type - Statistics 33 (Sales budget).

Follow these steps

  1. Select program 'Sales Budget. Open' (OSS420).

  2. Select the dataset and enter a name for the budget version. Press Enter.

  3. On panel E, specify a full name, entry code for net amount, quantity, and cost of goods sold.

  4. For the fields in step 3 that are calculated automatically, specify the price list table, currency code and exchange rate type. If the price list uses a price costing with warehouse and order type as control fields for order-dependent costing elements, then specify default values for the warehouse and order type.

  5. If necessary, specify the default seasonal curve. This is then defaulted in program 'Sales Budget. Enter Values' (OSS421) when yearly totals are automatically distributed.

  6. If necessary, specify the round-off category.

  7. Press Enter to confirm the budget version.

  8. In panel B, specify option 20 = Activate, to activate the budget version.

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