Transfer Sales Budget to Item Forecast

This procedure is used to transfer budget values from a sales budget to forecasts per item for a selected warehouse in the Forecasting module and in the master demand schedule.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Select program 'Manual Forecast. Update fr Sales Budget' (FCS425).

  2. Specify the dataset, budget version, field, transaction type, and period from/to for the sales budget to transfer.

  3. Specify the warehouse for which the budget values should be created. If planning entity (NDCCIT) is used as key in the dataset, warehouse may be left blank indicating that all warehouses should be transferred and updated.

  4. To update the master demand schedule, enter a master demand schedule version.

  5. In field Cumulative, specify whether the values from the sales budget should be added to or replace existing values in the forecast system.

  6. Press Enter to start the transfer.

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