Display Budget and Statistics

This procedure is used to display budget and statistical reports.

Before you start

A report must be defined in program 'Sales Stats/Budget Report. Open' (OSS412).

Follow these steps

  1. Select program 'Sales Stats/Budget. Display' (OSS415). This program can also be accessed using option 25 = Run on-line from program 'Sales Stats/Budget Report. Open' (OSS412). For the latter, go to step 3.

  2. Specify the report ID.

  3. Specify the year and period number for the run in field By period. Note that all relative period numbers used for the columns in the report are calculated from this period number and year.

  4. Specify the report level and any start values for report keys. Press Enter to display the report.

    • Specify option 1 to drill down, that is to review the next lower detail level in the report.
    • Press F18 = Previous level to review totals for the next higher level.
    • Press F19 = Left or F20 = Right to scroll sideways in the report.
  5. To change the start values in panel 'Sales Stats/Budget. Display' OSS415/A, press F12 = Cancel. Press F3 to end.

It is possible to manually update fields in the Sales statistics/Budget report. Then you fill in Update field and transaction type in (OSS415).

The fields that are possible to update for transaction type 34 (that is forecasting fields) are as follows:

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