Import Data from PC file to Dataset

The purpose of this procedure is to import a budget and a forecast from a PC file to a dataset. This enables you to continue working with the information and allows you to present the information in M3 Sales Statistics & Budgeting.

The outcome of the procedure is that data is imported to M3 and either replaces or is added to existing data in the dataset. Data is available for processing and reporting directly after the session is ended.

For example, a sales budget can be entered in Microsoft Excel and then transferred to a dataset in M3.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Save your spreadsheet as a PC file in a format, for example, a DIF format, that can be managed by the file transfer tool you are using. Any file name can be used.

  2. Transfer the file from your PC or server to the library QRPLOBJ in AS/400. The name of the file must be OSSIPC. Use a file transfer tool like IBM PC support or Client Access.

  3. Select 'Sales Stats/Budget. Import from PC File' (OSS940).

  4. Specify dataset, year, type of transaction, and the budget version.

  5. In the Upd rule field, specify whether data is to be replaced or accumulated.

  6. Specify the name of the PC file. Press Enter to start the transfer.

  7. Check in the log that the transfer was performed correctly. All items must be approved in order for the transfer to occur. If the transfer does not occur, a log will be printed.

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