Create Sales Forecast

This procedure is used to create sales forecasts per Dataset using automatic calculations. These forecasts have transaction type 34.

Forecast values are calculated per period and saved for the dataset after using this procedure. The forecast method selected regulates the number of periods the values are calculated. The dataset regulates the Accumulator Field forecasted.

Advanced forecasting

The result of the forecasting calculation updates the accumulator field Calculated forecast (MFCFOR) of transaction type 34. This accumulator is, together with a number of other forecasting related fields, created automatically when the dataset is activated.

Before you start

Follow these steps

Note: If the historic demand statistics provide an insufficient basis for forecasting when the forecast system is started, then alternative, simplified forecast calculations can be used as a temporary solution. This is done in 'Dataset. Open' (OSS401/E) using a specified budget version for a starting forecast.
  1. Select program 'Sales Forecast. Generate in Dataset' (OSS440). The datasets with a forecast method specified are displayed in panel B. Default forecast periods are retrieved from the dataset's period type and the latest forecast period.

  2. To change the forecast period, specify another period number in field Per.

  3. Specify option 11 = Release for the appropriate dataset to start the calculations.

  4. To release forecasts for more datasets, repeat steps 1 to 3. To end, press F3.

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