Re-create Sales Statistics in Datasets

This procedure is used to re-create accumulated Sales Statistics - Customer Order in datasets. It is also used to update newly created datasets retroactively.

When the detailed sales statistics are re-created, current datasets with accumulated sales statistics are updated automatically. See procedure Re-create Detailed Sales Statistics.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Select program 'Sales Statistics. Re-create' (OSS995).

  2. Check that the check box 'Detailed stats' is not selected. This means that only the dataset is re-created.

  3. Select the 'Customer order' check box.

  4. Specify the dataset to be re-created. Specify whether the dataset should be updated retroactively. When left blank, all datasets are updated with data as specified in field From date, below.

  5. Specify the From accounting date. Only data as of the period covering this date is re-created for each dataset.

  6. Press Enter to start the run.

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