Re-create Detailed Sales Statistics

This procedure is used to re-create data in the detailed Sales Statistics - Customer Order.

Before you start

To start this procedure, invoiced orders must be remaining in the customer order database. Note that filed customer orders are deleted from the database and are not updated to the statistics file.

Follow these steps

  1. Select program 'Sales Statistics. Re-create' (OSS995).

  2. Specify 1 in field Detailed.

  3. Specify option 1 in field Customer order.

  4. Select the appropriate alternative in field 'Acc to CO type' to indicate whether the update parameters are retrieved from the order type file or from each order. Note that parameters for service level evaluation are always retrieved from the order type file.

  5. Specify the From accounting date. Only data as of this date will be re-created.

  6. Press Enter to start the run.

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