Distribute Budget Values

This procedure is used to distribute sales budget values from a budget on a higher level to a lower level budget. When this is done, the status of the budget distribution template is raised from 20 (active) to 30 (locked).

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Select program 'Sales Budget Distr Template. Open' (OSS422) to determine the distribution template to use. To use a specific distribution template, select program 'Sales Budget. Distribute' (OSS935) and specify the distribution template. Go to step 3.

  2. Specify option 30 = Distribute for the distribution template to use and press Enter.

  3. In panel 'Sales Budget. Distribute' (OSS935/E), press Enter to start the distribution. Note that any budget values currently in a lower-level budget version will be replaced. Press F3=End to return to program OSS422.

  4. Either distribute more budget values or press F3=End.

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