Enter Budget Distribution Percentages

This procedure is used to enter the percentages used to distribute budget values from one budget level to a lower level.

When these percentages have been entered, the status of the budget distribution templates is raised to 20 (active) in program 'Sales Budget Distr Template. Open' (OSS422). A template must have status 20 to start the distribution.

Before you start

A distribution template must be defined. See procedure Create Distribution Template.

Follow these steps

  1. Select program 'Sales Budget Distr Percentage. Enter' (OSS423). This program can also be accessed by specifying option 11 = Wrk bud pct from program 'Sales Budget Distr Template. Open' (OSS422).

  2. Specify a distribution template and budget year. Press Enter.

  3. In panel A, enter the key values for the first budget record. When a value is entered, entry is started in panel B with the first existing record. Press Enter to display panel B.

  4. Specify a value for the key field on the lowest level. Key fields on the lowest level are displayed at the bottom of panel A and in the column at the bottom of panel B on the left.

  5. Specify the budget distribution percentages for the Accumulator Field to be distributed and displayed on the left side of the panel. The accumulator fields are retrieved from the current budget distribution template. To switch between display of the total budget and remaining to distribute, press F16 = Total/remain. To check the percentage assigned to each budget key according to the specified percentages, press F11 = More info.

  6. To select a new budget key to be distributed, press F12 = Cancel.

  7. Repeat steps 3-5 for other budget keys if needed.

  8. Press F3 = End.

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