Enter Budget Values

This procedure is used to specify the values in a sales budget version.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Select program 'Sales Budget. Enter Values' (OSS421). This can be called from program 'Sales Budget. Open' (OSS420) using option 11 = Budget values.

  2. In panel A, specify the key values for the first budget record. Specify every key except the last. Press Enter. Panel B is displayed for the key values selected.

  3. Specify option 1 and a value for the lowest key field. Press Enter.

  4. In panel E, check the headings. Accumulator Field are entered in 'Dataset. Open' (OSS401) for the dataset selected. Press F4 = Prompt to select the accumulator fields to be displayed in the four data headings in panel B. Distribute the budget values to the periods defined for the calendar year specified in panel A. If using a seasonal curve specify the yearly total in the first line and then press Enter to distribute according to the curve. For more information about seasonal curve, refer to document in See also section.

  5. Check the period values and make necessary adjustments. If the yearly total is changed, it is redistributed. Note that a distributed yearly total is not saved.

  6. To budget the key values, Press F12 = Cancel.

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