Combine and Copy Data between Datasets

This procedure is used to copy and/or combine data from one or more Dataset into another.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Select program 'Sales Budget. Consolidate/Copy' (OSS220).

  2. Specify the dataset, year, and Transaction Type - Statistics to copy into. To copy to a dataset containing a budget, specify the valid budget version.

  3. Specify whether to replace or add the data to this dataset in field Upd. Note that only data for the specified transaction type is replaced.

  4. Specify the dataset(s) to copy from in the From dataset fields. Specify the year, transaction type, and any budget version for each dataset.

  5. To adjust the values in an Accumulator Field, specify an adjustment factor for each dataset. The values are not adjusted in the dataset copied from.

  6. To start the copying, press Enter.

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