Filing Customer Orders

This supporting function is used to file customer orders, deleted orders, customer invoices, and transferred batch orders. It is also used to clear old records from the files.

By copying information to another library, it can then be copied to external storage media such as magnetic tape or CD-ROM. After the information is saved, it can be deleted from the hard disk to increase system performance.

Before you start

A library must be defined for filing information. Libraries are specified in program 'Settings - Filing' (CRS799).

Follow these steps

  1. Verify deleted orders in 'Customer Order. File Deleted' (OIS085)

    Deleted orders are filed in program 'Customer Order. File Deleted' (OIS085). Customer orders with status 90 (deleted) are filed according to specified selections.

    Only file OOHEAD (customer order header) is affected by the filing.

  2. File Customer Orders in 'Customer Order. File' (OIS090)

    Customer orders that are delivered or invoiced as final are filed in program 'Customer Order. File' (OIS090). Customer orders with status 77 (invoiced) are filed according to specified selections. Even customer orders with status 66 (final delivery) are filed if invoicing has not been done according to the customer order type.

    The affected tables are:

    OOHEAD Customer order header
    OOLINE Customer order lines
    ODHEAD Customer delivery header
    ODLINE Customer delivery lines
    OODOCU Documents per customer order
    ODDOCU Documents per customer delivery
    OOCHRG Order charges per customer order
    OOADRE Addresses per customer order
    OOPINV Advance invoices per customer order
    OSYTXH Comments – header
    OSYTXL Comments – lines
  3. File Customer Invoices in 'CO Invoice. File' (OIS095)

    Customer orders with status 95 (transferred to general ledger and sub-ledgers) or status 90 (account entry made) are filed in program 'CO Invoice. File' (OIS095). Invoices with status 90 should only be used if M3 accounts receivable and general ledger are not used. Filing is done according to specified selections.

    The affected tables are:

    OINVOH Customer invoices – header
    OINVOL Customer invoices – lines
    OINACC Customer invoices – acct. entries
  4. File Transferred Batch Orders in 'Batch Order. File Transferred' (OIS080)

    Batch orders or temporary orders that created customer orders from M3 batch order entry are filed in program 'Batch Order. File Transferred' (OIS080). Batch orders with status 90 (transferred) are filed. Selections of temporary order numbers are made in the E panel.

    The affected tables are:

    OXHEAD Customer invoices – header
    OINVOL Temporary order header
    OXLINE Temporary order lines
    OXADRE Addresses per temporary order
    OXCNTR Control file – temporary orders
    OXYTXH Comments – header
    OXYTXL Comments – lines