Settings - Invoicing

The purpose of this supporting function is to define the settings for invoicing as needed for each specific business. Invoice settings are entered per division in 'Settings - Customer Order Invoicing' (CRS722).

A series of updates can be connected to the point of invoice. The disadvantage with this is that it can take a long time. If the company processes cash sales, it is recommended that as few updates as possible are carried out with invoicing because the invoicing process begins directly after a cash order has been entered.

Follow these steps

The process includes the following activities:

  1. Defining Updating

    Different statistics and files can be updated immediately when performing invoicing activities.

    It is possible to select whether updates are made automatically during invoicing or manually using invoice post-processing for each kind of updating activity.

    The table below shows the kinds of updates that can be made automatically and in which programs updates can made manually.

    Updates Program for manual updates

    EU Intrastat

    'Trade Statistics. Calculate' (OIS686)

    EU sales

    'EU Sales. Calculate' (OIS685)

    Bonus and commission

    'CO Invoice. Post-Process' (OIS196)

    Recording invoices

    'CO Invoice. Post-Process' (OIS196)

    Invoicing statistics

    'Sales Statistics. Update' (OIS691)

    Direct transferring to FAM (accounts receivable and general ledger)

    'CO Invoice. Post-Process' (OIS196)

  2. Defining Other Settings

    The other settings that can be made in program 'Settings - Customer Order Invoicing' (CRS722) are described below:

    • Separate invoices for different delivery addresses

      The 'Separate invoices' field regulates whether a summary invoice can be created for deliveries made to different delivery addresses or if every delivery in the summary invoice must have the same delivery address.

    • Break level for summary invoices - customer order types

      The 'Break order type' field regulates whether a summary invoice can be created for different customer order types, or if every delivery in a summary invoice must have the same customer order type.

      If different customer order types can be used, the invoice number series for the summary invoice will be retrieved from the first order specified in the summary invoice.

    • Print lot number on the invoice

      The 'Print Lot no' field regulates whether a specification of the lot numbers delivered is printed for each invoice line.

    • Print description on external document

      The 'Print description' field regulates whether additional text is printed after the item name on each invoice line.

      This text is entered in the order file for each order line and can be up to 60 characters long.

    • Print optional information

      The 'Print features and options ' field controls if information about related products and stocked items are to be printed on external documents.

    • Compress account entries for the general ledger

      The 'Compress FAM transactions' field regulates whether account transactions are to be compressed before they are transferred to the M3 financial system.

      Compressing requires that the following terms are the same:

      • Accounting date
      • Accounting string
      • Currency code
      • Exchange rate type
      • VAT code
    • Print account specification

      The 'Print invoice journal' field regulates whether a specification of account entries made per invoice is printed when invoices are recorded.

    • Update order entry for overshipped or short delivery
    • Cash Discount Calculation on Invoiced Amount - Including or Excluding VAT

      The 'Cash discount method' field regulates whether a cash discount is calculated for the total invoiced amount or net amount.

    • Invoice number log

      If the invoice number log is activated, the invoice number needs to be confirmed in 'Invoice Number Log. Open' (CRS500) before it can be transferred to the financial system, some options in CRS722 is not possible to enable.

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