Creation of Externally Entered Customer Orders

This document explains how orders generated externally, or entered using methods other than via 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100), are processed.

The process includes checking errors, as well as correcting and adding information in order header and order lines.


Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Customer order generated from source

    Customer orders entered in other ways than in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100), cannot be created directly in M3. They must be generated and then checked in the batch order entry. Generation from the different sources is not described in this document.

  2. Temporary customer order created

    When customer orders are generated from the source, temporary customer orders are created and assigned temporary customer order numbers in 'Batch Order. Open' (OIS275).

    The source is displayed in the Origin column on the B panel.

  3. Temporary customer order check

    The temporary customer orders are checked by the system before customer orders are created in M3. Order header and lines are checked in the exact same way as during normal customer order entry.

    Note: Temporary orders are checked according the customer order type defined in 'Settings - Batch Orders' (OIS278), where other settings regarding checks are defined.
    • Order approved

      If an order is complete and correct, a confirmed customer order is created in M3 automatically. See the Customer Order Created in M3 section below.

    • Order rejected

      A temporary order is rejected if it is not complete, if it contains an error or if it does not comply with the defined parameters.

      Rejected batch orders are assigned a status as follows:

      • 15 = Error in order head
      • 20 = Order head OK, order lines missing
      • 25 = Error in order line
      • 30 = Credit stopped order (order header and order lines OK)
      • 55 = Abnormal interruption during transfer.
  4. Correcting and completing rejected temporary customer order

    Rejected orders must be corrected or supplemented manually in 'Batch Order. Open' (OIS275).

    Rejected batch orders are corrected using Option 11=Check/Release.

    • Correcting order header

      If the error is in the order header, the header is displayed. Error messages are displayed as in normal customer order entry, and the panels containing missing or wrong information are displayed.

      After the order header has been corrected, all order lines must be released to create an order. See below.

    • Correcting order lines

      If the error is in the order line, 'Batch Order. Open Lines' (OIS276) is displayed, where all order lines for an order are displayed.

      After the order lines have been corrected 'Batch Order. Open Lines' (OIS276) is displayed again, showing all order lines for an order, even if they do not contain any errors. All order lines must be released to create an order. This is done by using F14=Release all.

      During order line correction, error messages are displayed as in normal customer order line entry, and the panels containing missing or incorrect information are displayed.

  5. Customer order created in M3

    When a temporary customer order is approved, the temporary order is assigned a confirmed customer order number and is created in M3.

    The created order will go into the normal customer order flow according to its customer order type. The orders can be viewed in 'Customer Order. Open Toolbox' (OIS300).

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