Export Data from Sales Price List Report to PC File

This procedure is used to export data from a sales price list report to a PC file so you can continue to work with the information and present it in a PC tool, for example Microsoft Excel.

Before you start

A report must be defined with columns and references to names for a transfer file, in 'Sales Price Report. Open' (OIS530).

Follow these steps

  1. Start the 'Sales Price Report. Print' (OIS537) through option 26=Run in batch in 'Sales Price Report. Open' (OIS530).

  2. Specify the report ID and press Enter. A transfer file is created and stored in the QRPLOBJ library. If the file exists since a previous run, the contents are replaced. Notice that the file is created to be transferred to a PC or server immediately. The file is deleted at the next Initial Program Load (IPL).

  3. Transfer the file to a PC or Server by using a file transfer tool, e.g. IBM PC support or Client Access.

  4. Retrieve the file in any PC tool.

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