Settle Bonus/Commission Agreement

This procedure is used to settle a bonus/commission agreement.

Final settlement is made either at the end of the b/c agreement's validity period or, if the agreement extends over several years, at the end of the last period in the calendar year.

Note that if an agreement extends over several years it is also possible to make one settlement of the agreement at the end of the validity period by selecting the 'Final settlement once' parameter in 'Settings - Bonus Commission (CRS724/E).

It is possible to review a settlement before it is finalized by printing a report of the recipient's final settlements. The review can be done without considering the period.

If a b/c agreement has reserved bonus/commission in the general ledger without having reached the lowest limit for the generating value, an invoice is created with a zero total.

If unacceptably high advances were credited, a debit invoice is created.

Follow these steps

Follow the steps below to settle a b/c agreement.

  1. Select 'Bonus/Comm Agreement. Advance & Settle' (OIS415).

  2. Select the b/c agreement to be settled, specify 90 in the 'B/C Action' field and press Enter. The E Panel is displayed, containing information about the periods on which the settlement will be based.

  3. Check and adjust the information. Press Enter to confirm the information.

  4. Select Option 35=Crt adv/stl/pre for the settlement record. Press Enter to send the settlement to M3 batch order entry to create invoices. The settlement record is assigned status 90 (processing completed).

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