Manual Allocation - Customer Order Line

This procedure is used to manually allocate a customer order line by connecting it to one or more locations and lot numbers (if needed). All or part of the quantity in a customer order line can be allocated.

After using this procedure a customer order line is fully or partly allocated. Full allocation results in status 33 (allocated) for the order line. Partial allocation results in status 23 (one part allocated with remaining quantity to be allocated).

Before you start

A customer order line must be specified that is not fully printed in a picking list or fully delivered.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100).

  2. Specify the order number and select option 15=Order lines to start 'Customer Order. Open Line' (OIS101).

  3. Select option 15=Allocation for the appropriate order line. Press Enter. 'Allocation. Perform Detailed' (MMS121) is started. Locations and any lot numbers are displayed for the current item/warehouse combination.

  4. Specify a quantity for the lines to be allocated. Note that the total of the quantities specified cannot exceed the total quantity of the line. Press Enter.

  5. To return to 'Customer Order. Open Line' (OIS101), press F3.

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