Enter Item Table for B/C

The purpose of this procedure is to specify what items are included in a bonus or commission agreement (b/c agreement).

An item table is a defined selection of items, that are connected to a b/c agreement in 'Bonus/Comm Agreement. Open' (OIS412/E). Items connected to an agreement via an item table are included in the agreement and update bonus or commission.

Follow these steps

Follow these steps to enter an item table for b/c:

  1. Select 'Bonus/Comm Item Table. Open' (OIS405) and specify panel sequence E1.

  2. Create a new item table and press Enter. This will take you to the E panel.

  3. Specify a selection key. The selection key is the search criteria that will be used to choose which items are to be included in the item table. Press Enter and you will proceed to 'Bonus/Comm Item Table. Connect Item' (OIS406).

  4. Create a range for the items that are to be included in the item table by specifying option 1 and the lowest value within the selection key. Press Enter. Specify the highest value in the range and press Enter.

  5. Specify a new range or press F3 to end the procedure.

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