Enter Customer Order Using Quick Entry

This document explains how to enter customer orders in a simplified way in 'Customer Order. Quick Entry' (OIS200).


Before you start

The prerequisites listed in the Batch Order must be met.

Follow these steps

  1. Open 'Customer Order. Quick Entry' (OIS200).

  2. Check the warehouse and customer number values and change if necessary. The default values are retrieved from the (OIS200/P) panel.

  3. Specify the requested delivery date.

  4. Specify the item number and quantity. Function key F10=Next sorting order can be used to change the sorting order of the quantity and item columns.

  5. Specify sales price in the 'Sales price' field, if allowed. See the P panel.

  6. Press F14=New CO to generate a customer order. The result is displayed in a message. The order can now be monitored in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100), by pressing F15=Customer order. The fields on the B panel in 'Customer Order. Quick Entry' (OIS200) are blanked out, and a new customer order can be created immediately.

  7. Press Exit when you are done specifying customer orders.

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