Enter Discount Number

This procedure is used to enter a discount number for a discount model.

The discount number is used to enter a discount on a customer order line automatically during entry. You can define up to six discount numbers per discount model, which allows an order to contain that many different discounts.

Before you start

A discount model must be specified in 'Discount Model. Open' (OIS800). See Enter Discount Model.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Discount Model. Connect Discount Number' (OIS805). This program can also be started via option 11=Discount number in 'Discount Model. Open' (OIS800). Specify panel sequence EF1.

  2. Specify the discount model in which you want to enter the discount numbers. Press Enter and the discount numbers entered previously are displayed.

  3. Specify the discount number (1 to 6) and the discount category. Note that discount numbers must be entered in strict number order. Select 'New' to proceed to the E panel.

  4. On the E panel, define the general settings for how the discount for the discount number is to be created and calculated. Press Enter to proceed to the F panel.

  5. On the F panel, specify the control field(s). These act as a search path for finding the start values which the order line must match for the discount to be given. If more than one criterion is needed, separate control fields can be entered on the same line. Press Enter and 'Discount Model. Connect Discount Scale' (OIS810/B) is started.

  6. On the B panel specify a valid from date and, if necessary, a priority. Select 'New' and you will proceed to 'Discount Model. Connect Discount Scale Lines' (OIS811/B). The specified control fields for the highest priority or the specified priority are displayed.

  7. On the B panel, specify a start value for each control field. The discount type can also be changed if necessary. Select 'New' and the E panel is displayed.

  8. On the E panel, enter an ascending scale with the appropriate limit values and the discount applicable to each limit value. The discounts can be specified as either a percentage, an amount, or a discount in kind. To enter a discount in kind, go to step 9. If you want to specify values for additional priorities, press Enter and you will return to the B panel in (OIS811), go to step 10.

  9. Specify the appropriate item number in the 'Item number' field, and the quantity in the 'Order Quantity' field. If the item should not be free of charge, specify a sales price in the 'Sales price' field. Press Enter and you will return to the B panel in (OIS811).

  10. To specify values for additional priorities with the same valid from date, enter the priority number in the Priority field, press Enter and repeat steps 7, 8, and 9. To end, press F3.

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