Enter Discount Model

This procedure is used to enter a discount model which automatically assigns discounts during order line entry. Discount models must also be specified before manual discounts can be given during entry.

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'Discount Model. Open' (OIS800/B). Specify panel sequence E.

  2. Specify an ID for a discount model. Select 'New' to proceed to the E panel.

  3. Specify a name, description, and currency for the discount model.

  4. If the discount model is for discounts from a blanket agreement or an agreement per item/customer, go to step 5. If not, the procedure is completed.

  5. Specify a discount number in the 'Allocated discount number' field to reserve the discount number for the discounts defined in the blanket agreement or the agreement per item/customer.

  6. Enter a discount number reserved in the discount model for promotional discounts.

  7. Specify an object access group if the access to this discount model is to be restricted. Press Enter to finish.

Discount numbers for discount models are specified in 'Discount Model. Connect Disc Number' (OIS805).

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