Create Price List

This procedure is used to create a price list. Price lists are used to administrate prices for items, and allow an item to have several sales prices at the same time.

The price list identity is made up of a combination of identity, currency and start date.

Follow these steps

To start this procedure, a costing model must be specified.

  1. Select 'Sales Price List. Open' (OIS017). Specify panel sequence EFG12.

  2. Specify an identity, currency, and validity date to create the price list. Press Enter.

  3. Specify the information in the E panel. Required fields are the 'Description' and the 'Valid to' fields. If different scales will be used for different items in the price list, fill in the Key fields (1, 2, and 3). Press Enter.

  4. To include a certain selection of items in the price list, make your selections in the F panel. Press Enter.

  5. Fill in the 'Costing model – sales price' field. The costing model regulates how the price list's basic prices are calculated when entering customer orders. If the price list is based on a purchase price costing, this must be specified in the 'Costing model - purchasing' field. Press Enter.

  6. Specify or adjust the item specific information in 'Sales Price List. Open Basic' (OIS021). For example, an automatically calculated price can be changed for individual items. If permitted, items not included in the selection can also be added to the price list. If quantity dependant prices are to be used for an item, proceed to step 7, otherwise proceed to step 8.

  7. Specify option 11= Grad prices for an item. In the 'Quantity' field specify a limit value and in the 'Price factor' field specify the percentage of the base price that the item will be sold for when quantities are over the specified quantity. Press Enter to view the graduated prices. Press F3=End.

  8. Press F3=End to view 'Sales Price List. Connect Price Scale' (OIS026). The field displays the keys that you had earlier specified in 'Sales Price List. Open' (OIS017/E). The fields act as selection values. The sales prices for those item that are equivalent to the specified selection values will be calculated based on the ordered quantity according to the specified scale matrix.

  9. Press Enter to finish the procedure.

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