Enter Customer Order Type

This procedure is used to enter a customer order type.

The customer order type regulates how the customer order is processed through the order flow, which checks are made and which information is retrieved by default when orders are entered.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Start 'CO Type. Open' (OIS010). Specify panel sequence EFGHI134.

  2. Specify an ID for the order type, select a customer order category, which regulates entry of the customer order type, and a next manual function, which regulates the activity to be activated after customer order entry. Press Enter.The selected combination of customer order category and next manual function 1) regulates the default parameter values displayed in the E-I panels and 2) blocks certain parameters from being changed.

  3. Check and correct the default values in the E-I panelsd. Mandatory fields in the E panel are 'Name', 'CO series' and 'Invoice series'. After the I panel, 'CO Type. Connect Documents' (OIS011) is started.

  4. Specify the document groups to which the customer order type is to be connected and the documents to connect to each document group. After you have finished entering document groups and documents, press F3=End. 'CO Type. Connect Order Charges' (OIS013) is started.

  5. Enter the charges for the customer order entered with the customer order type. To enter a new charge or retrieve a predefined charge, press F4=Browse. After you have entered the desired charges, press F3=End and 'CO Type. Control Fields' (OIS014) is started.

  6. Specify the field access to apply for various fields when a customer order is entered with this order type. If possible specify how the suggested value is to be retrieved for the customer order during entry.

  7. Press F3 to end the procedure.

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