Create Active Contact Plan

This document covers the creation and deletion of active contact plan records.


An active contact plan helps with customer contacts when using contact planning. It simplifies contact planning by selecting only those contacts that are current. For example, the number of contacts can be filtered to a certain day or with a specific customer.

An active contact plan is created by selecting a set of contacts per customer number, contact plan, or date. This is done in 'Contact Plan. Create Active' (OIS057). The selection is then available for processing customer contacts in 'Contact Plan. Open Active' (OIS056).

This panel can be used to create or delete a range of active contact plans (from – to ranges) during the day or for specific customers. Records can be deleted from the active contact plan table OCUSAC up through a specified date.

Create active contact plan

The purpose of this procedure is to create records in active contact plans for the customers to be contacted.

After specifying the selection values in (OIS057), this program launches batch job OIS058CL that generates the active contact plans based on the information input in (OIS052), and (OIS054). Ensure that the customer contact information is created in (OIS054), else records will not be generated in the OCUSAC table.

Exclusions will also be checked. First, any exceptions to the contact plan is checked. For example, when a contact day to a customer is set for a different day of the week than the usual contact day identified in the contact plan. See Managing Contact Plan Exceptions. Second, check is for any non-activity period of customers. See Connect Non-Activity Period per Customer.

If the contact time is modified via status 11, 20, or 21 on the (OIS056/B) panel for the first active contact plan generated and you proceed with creating the active contact plans for the same selection, a new active contact plan with the original contact time is created. This results to two records on the (OIS056/B) panel, the first one is the active contact plan created with the new revised contact time and the second one is the active contact plan with the original contact time. Records with the same customer, contact date, contact time and contact plan combination will not be regenerated.

Delete active contact plan

You can delete active contact plan records up through (and including) a specified date from OCUSAC table by identifying a date in the 'Delete to' field. All records will be deleted regardless of any input in the selection fields. This also clears all entries that contain active contact plans.

If used together with a large selection, it is possible that all records in the OCUSAC table will be cleared and you will lose all the reported contacts. The non-reported contacts can be regenerated.

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