Contacting the Customer via Contact Plan

This documents covers the flow on how to contact and create customer order using an active contact plan.


The purpose of this procedure is to contact customers using an active contact plan. This can include entering a customer order directly from the active contact plan and registering the results of the contact.

The result of the contact or attempted contact is registered in the contact plan through the status set after using this procedure. When the customer makes an order, a customer order is also entered.

Note that a warning message is displayed if you attempt to contact the customer before the earliest contact time or after the latest contact time.

Managing status of Active Contact Plan

'Contact Plan. Enter Contacts/Customer' (OIS055/E) should be visible when speaking with the customer. The result of every communication can be registered in the plan; it can also be used to create a customer order or to change the status of the plan. You can use the F10 function key, to change the status of the plan.

One of these alternatives can be selected:

If status is set to 11, 20, or 21, the system will recalculate the next contact time when to contact the customer again. This set up is done on the (OIS056/P) panel.

If status is set to 92 or 93, the contact time will not be recalculated, and contact plan cannot be used again.

Managing calculation of contact time

Calculation of contact time after setting contact plan status to 11, 20, or 21 is derived from 'Contact Plan. Open Active' (OIS056/P).

Managing customer order from Active contact plan

Creating customer order from contact plan is continued on the panel sequence of 'Contact Plan. Enter Contacts/Customer' (OIS055/E).

If customer order is already created for this customer on the same requested delivery date (wherein OK is displayed in 'Contact Plan. Open Active' (OIS056/B), a message stating that customer order #xxxxx already exists is displayed and these alternatives are provided:

Upon closing order entry 'Customer Order. Open Line' (OIS101) by using the F13 function key, select a contact plan status on the pop up window. These alternatives are available:

If there is no order line entered, and customer order has been generated, choosing status aside from 90 should confirm the deletion of customer order first.

On the other hand, if you have entered customer order lines and finished, it is possible to choose status 11, 20, 21, 92, and 93. Regardless of the chosen status, the customer order will be registered in 'Customer Order. Open Toolbox' (OIS300) or 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100). On the (OIS056/B) panel, the word OK is displayed beside the active contact plan, indicating that the customer order exists for the active contact plan.

If you choose status 11, 20, or 21, a new contact time will be calculated.

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