Define Contact Plan – Basic Information

This document defines the basic setup of a contact plan.


Contact plan defines the contact and delivery day information for a certain customer. Contact plans are defined in 'Contact Plan. Open' (OIS052).

Define contact day number

Contact day number specifies the day of the week when the customer is to be contacted.

These alternatives are available:

Define delivery day number

Delivery day number specifies the day of the week when the delivery will be executed after contacting the customer based in 'Contact Plan. Open Active' (OIS056). The valid alternatives are similar to contact day number.

Define validity period

Validity period specifies the beginning (From date) and ending (To date) of the contact plan. This value is used as reference when generating active contact plans through 'Contact Plan. Create Active' (OIS057). If the date range specified in 'Contact Plan. Create Active' (OIS057) is outside the contact plan validity period, no active contact plan will be generated.


Multiple days of the week cannot be defined in a single contact plan, but it is possible to state all days of the week by selecting '0=Any day'.

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