Define Contact Information per Customer

This document defines the basic set up of contact information per customer.


Contact information is entered for a customer who is connected to a contact plan. Contact information per customer defines the details to be used when contacting a customer, for example, contact person, contact numbers, and even the best time to contact the customer.

Contact information is used when customers are contacted based on an active contact plan. Customers can be connected to more than one contact plan to accommodate different departments, branches, etc. Therefore, the contact information entered for a customer in one contact plan is specific to that plan.

Contact information is entered in 'Contact Plan. Enter Contact Info/Cust' (OIS054).

Define contact time

Contact time is included in the key, together with the contact plan and customer number. This specifies the agreed time to contact the customer.

Contact time range:

Define contact details

Contact details state the contact person and contact numbers. Contact details are retrieved from the contact information setup of a customer from 'Customer. Open' (CRS610). You can override the data on the (OIS054/E) panel.

Validity period

Validity period specifies range of dates when the contact information is valid. To generate the active contact plans in 'Contact Plan. Create Active' (OIS057), contact information per customer range must lie within the validity period specified in on contact plan (OIS052/E); otherwise, no active contact plans will be generated after running the batch job.

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