Create Credit Note - Customer Returns

The purpose of this procedure is to create a credit note for a customer for the lines of goods received from a customer return.

Before you start

Follow these steps to create a credit note

  1. Open 'Customer Return. Open' (OIS390).

  2. Select related option 14='Create credit' for the appropriate customer return.

Credit note created through (OIS380)

  1. Open 'CO Invoice. Correct or Credit' (OIS380/B). The returned quantity specified in (OIS392) will automatically update the invoiced quantity in (OIS380/E).

  2. Optionally, define a charge ID in (OIS399) that will be used to add a return charge to the invoice. The charge can be changed before submitting the invoice.

  3. Only the returned lines and the return charge will be displayed in (OIS380). The rest of the lines can be displayed by deselecting the 'Only dsp corr' check box and refreshing the panel with F5.

    It is possible to do other changes in (OIS380) before submitting the invoice, but it is not allowed to manually change the quantity on the returned lines.

  4. Use function key F14='Submit' to submit the invoice in batch or function key F15='Interactive' to perform interactive invoicing.

Follow these steps to let Cash Desk handle the payment to the customer

Select the 'Cash dsk active' check box on the settings panel (OIS380/P) and use F15='Interactive' to perform interactive invoicing. 'Cash Payment. Open' (OIS215) is opened automatically if 'Cash payment' is set to '2' on the customer order's payment terms in 'Payment Term. Open' (CRS075).

See Correcting Invoices in Sales Management

  1. Open 'Customer Return. Create Crediting' (OIS393/B).

  2. The default quantity is retrieved from either the received quantity or inspected quantity, depending on the setting in (OIS399).

  3. On the B panel, specify quantity, price per unit, and cost price for each item line. You can also change the default information by selecting option 2='Change' for the appropriate line.

  4. Press F14='Update' to update the results and send the information to the M3 BE batch order entry for automatic creation of a credit order in 'Customer Order. Open' (OIS100) for the specified lines of goods. The credit note is generated later when invoicing customer orders.

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