Report Inspection Results - Customer Returns

The purpose of this procedure is to report the results of inspecting goods received from a customer return.

The reason for the customer return is specified in the report using a reason code for the quantity returned. The report also includes the action to be taken with the returned goods.

After using this procedure, the lines for the returned goods are reclassified in inventory as specified in the report.

Before you start

Follow these steps

  1. Select 'Customer Return. Open' (OIS390).

  2. Select option 13=Inspection for the appropriate customer return. 'Customer Return. Display Inspect Result' (OIS392/B) is started.

  3. Select 'Open' for the line to be reported and the E panel is displayed.

  4. Specify the values for the customer return. Assign the action to be taken for each appropriate portion of the total quantity. Specify the reason code and location for each portion.

  5. Press F14=Update to update the results and statistics and to create stock transactions (movements).

  6. Press F3=End to return to the next line and repeat steps 2 to 5. Otherwise, return to 'Customer Return. Open' (OIS390).

(OIS392/E) can also be accessed using option 13 in 'Customer Return. Open Lines' (OIS391).

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